Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Of Signs and Doubt

I’m sorry I ever doubted… I was in doubt and it didn’t do me any good…The joy I felt thinking that it was Maci that sent me that wonderful book vanished slowly and allowed doubt to creep in. What if the thought that Maci sent me the book to help me live through the change was just an illusion? What if it was pure coincidence?

I cried and got really upset at myself for losing confidence. I was feeling remorseful for overthinking things and continuously splitting hairs until all the magic was gone… What’s the use of it all? Everything is just as hard as always… Again, I find myself looking desperately for signs… Again, to my bewilderment, they continue to appear… Yesterday, our best friend Andreea received a book which bears a striking resemblance to mine :) “SMS For You” – It’s a similar story to the one in the book I received.

Better take a look at their covers yourself… It's amazing, I know. :)

Should I ever doubt that Maci sent me “P.S. I Love You”? I will keep myself from making any other comments. :)

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