Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maci, I Miss You

It’s been 30 days. 30 long days. Long, sad, and hard days.

I know we are supposed to learn to laugh again and I swear we will be able to do that somehow…someday… even though I do not know exactly how. As always, I will listen to my heart... It always showed me the right way.
Today’s post was supposed to be about our first day, about how I first met Maci. But I feel so tired I think I’m going to leave it for later. It deserves an unaltered narrative. It deserves to be written with a light and joyful heart.
The girls are already asleep. This evening has been somewhat easier than the past few. May your sleep be light and smooth, my sweet babies, and may we have a dream of our dearest Maci tonight!

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